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E-SMS (Educational Security & Management Services)

     Keeping in mind essential requirements & benefits of students, parents, teachers, & Management, ESCALATE CONSULTANCY has innovated E-SMS. In this era of Communication, enabling schooling system to bridge the gap between parents & school management with use of technology. E-SMS provides an easy medium to communicate with parents of students.

E-SMS can help can assure a progressive growth on academic & non-academic levels. Reaching to parents was never so easy for teachers or management. To have organized, controlled environment to solely focused on student development, E-SMS provide easier way to manage regular activities of student.

While designing the product, we have always made E-SMS a product for everyone & always strongly believed to use "Technology for better future".

Product E-SMS consists of electronic identification cards(EI Card), EI Card scanner & Software system. ESCALATE Consultancy will issue EI cards to each students, teachers & other staff members. Expected to scan EI Card, on scanner installed on the entrance, Software system maintains the record of entry & exit of respective card holder. System will generate report having numerous customized features. E-SMS will also send SMSs to parents of absent student, once it is confirmed by school management. E-SMS comes with an additional functionality of sending sms on the occasion of special achievement by student. E-SMS can be utilized to send progress report to parents. Escalate will also maintain, well-formed & easily accessible database of student studying into school. ESCALATE Consultancy will help school management into managing related IT infrastructure into school promises by employing on-site IT Supervisor.

E-SMS Features

  1. Information Collection
  2. Product Installation
  3. EI Card Distribution
  4. Support for IT infrastructure management
  5. Daily SMS distribution, after approval
  6. SMS Distribution in special cases
  7. Monthly report Generation
  8. To send reminders
  9. Reports & SMSs for attendance of Teachers & other Staff
E-SMS Silent Features

  1. Availability of Smart ID card to each student with electronically printed information
  2. Hierarchical path for information & attendance management.
  3. Enhancing safety & security
  4. IT supervisor for continuous monitoring of system
  5. Faster communication between School Management & parents

For Students :
1. Students feels more encouraged and motivated, in parallel to adapting maturity and being responsible.
2. Students will be punctual & will learn the lessons of time management.
3. Progress reports on regular basis will definitely help student to tracking records & achieving better performance.
4. Students will also receive encouragement from their family as school will involve parents to encourage student to involve in curricular & extra-curricular activities.
5. Student will receive Exam/Test Schedule, Reports/Test Results, Report Cards, etc via E-SMS.

For Parents :
1. Parents can track daily activity as well as progress of their child.
2. Parents will feel sense of safety & security.
3. Parents gets involved into over all development of child, by keeping their selves updated with school activities.
4. Parents will be informed for each time child is absent or late.
5. Regular updates from school will surely help parents & student to avoid last minute stress & anxiety.
6. Parents will have updates regularly regardless the student/child/children remember to convey to the parent/guardian.
7. Updates regarding achievement or appreciations received by their child will be a matter of honor.
8. Early stage involvement of parents will make sure consistent performance of student.

For Schools
1. Help to maintain database
2. Help to maintain discipline on hierarchical basis
3. Stores various records digitally in less expenses & efforts.
4. Continuous touch with parents gives recognition in society
5. Co-ordination becomes easy

“Technology: No Place for Wimps!” Scott Adams(American Cartoonist, b.1957)


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Identity Card ESMS
is a security management system specially
designed for Educational Institutions.