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IT Services

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Application Maintenance Services

At Escalate, we understand just how much of your IT budget is being allocated towards maintaining applications. According to a leading market research firm, ‘keeping the lights on’ takes up to a whopping 80 percent of IT budgets. We also understand the logistical challenges involved in supporting obsolete technology and software.

That’s why our Application Maintenance Services (AMS) go beyond merely managing and optimizing overgrown applications. Our portfolio-based, consultative approach takes a holistic view of technology, information architecture, people, and services. We first understand your business domain, technology roadmap, processes, and applications, then optimize and align team structures to deliver improved application support. With minimum downtime and volatility, your applications stay optimally geared to provide rapid responses to key change requests and business requests. Questioning redundancies and high-cost low business-criticality applications, Escalate also ensures easier application maintainability.

Business Intelligence

In today’s business environment where ‘good’ is never ‘good enough’ and ‘change is the only constant’, Business Intelligence solution have become a critical catalyst in ensuring sustained growth and a competitive edge. At the same time, ever changing business needs pose a significant challenge to the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence implementations. Various studies done on BI implementations in the past decade indicate that more than 60 % implementations have failed to realize the envisaged value, unable to accommodate dynamic business requirements. Escalate strongly believes in building Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing systems with nimble, scalable, and resilient architecture providing actionable information thus helping you to ensure success of your Business Intelligence initiatives.

Escalate’s business backward approach, focusing on in-depth understanding of functional domain, will help you unlock the potential in your organization's data to support quick and effective decision-making. Our robust execution methodologies and proprietary RUBIC framework of reusable components, incorporate tried and tested architecture and design principles. This ensures a faster ‘time to market’ while delivering an agile information architecture thus helping you realize the expected return on your BI investments. Showcase Projects

Our service offerings cover the entire spectrum of data warehousing and business intelligence solution lifecycle. Our consulting services will help you define your business intelligence roadmap and performance management framework. The application development services will enable you to realize your current and future information needs by helping you build a future ready business intelligence platform. Our application maintenance and support services enables in maintenance and evolution of existing Business Intelligence solutions. Business Intelligence services include maintenance and support as well as enhancements ranging from day to day fixes to large scale activities like Tool / Platform Migration, system re-architecture and Consolidation.

Enterprise Applications services

More and more organizations around the world use packaged application suites to address business needs. Escalate’s experience and expertise can take the guesswork out of planning, building, and operating enterprise application solutions - enabling you to focus on business results.

Escalate has expert practices for the following solutions:

Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprises find the need to consolidate data and processes into integrated systems for increased efficiency and productivity. Escalate’s end-to-end ERP implementation skills have helped customers realize optimal returns on their investments.

Supply Chain Management
Smart supply chains are the key to thriving in a competitive marketplace. Escalate can help you get products to market quicker, saving time and cost with SCM implementations.

Customer Relationship Management
Empower your business users to provide more personalized services to your customers. Escalate can partner with you to deliver value with CRM implementations.

Supplier Relationship Management
Large savings can be realized with focus on the supply side of the value chain. Escalate provides comprehensive services for SRM initiatives, mitigating supply chain risks.

Escalate’s portfolio includes the following enterprise solutions packages:
Escalate’s SAP practice has experience with execution of large SAP engagements. Our skilled consultants and unique work environment ensure supercharged SAP solution delivery.

Our Oracle Practice provides project consultancy, development and support services focused on enterprise needs. This dynamic practice is a well-established house of knowledge at Escalate.

Escalate provides an entire suite of solutions around Microsoft technologies and packages/products - including custom application development, migration, architecture consulting, and portal solutions.

Internet and Emerging Technologies

Companies today understand the relevance and impact of the Internet on their business. The possibilities seem endless and Escalate knows that the challenges lie in defining strategies, and leveraging tools and technologies to achieve organizational goals. The Web is evolving fast, already allowing you to ensure better customer experience, better integration and sharing of information with partners, and boosted productivity and employee satisfaction.

Escalate provides technology solutions to implement and realize optimal value from online business initiatives for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. Our ability to comprehensively address technology needs - from defining technology strategy and developing suitable solutions, to maintenance and support - has made us the IT partner of choice for many global enterprises.

Our Offerings
The solutions and services we offer to our customers are:



  • Electronic Commerce Solutions
  • Content Management and Portals
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Definition
  • Web Strategy Consulting
  • User Experience Definition
  • Technical Architecture Definition
  • Application Development
  • Application Testing
  • Application Maintenance and Support

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
As a new paradigm for IT organizations, adoption of SOA can increase process flexibility, ensure support for innovation, and better time-to-market. Escalate has proven, refined SOA implementation methodology.

Microsoft Technologies

From custom application development to migration and architecture consulting, Escalate provides a whole suite of solutions and services around Microsoft technologies.

Migration Services
Migrating to new technologies can lower maintenance costs and help you compete effectively. Escalate’s proven methodologies ensure architecture, technology, product, and platform migrations with minimal business impact.

Portal Solutions SharePoint Portal Server provides support for all intranet, extranet, and web applications across your enterprise. Escalate has the extensive experience and expertise to implement and customize SharePoint to your specific requirements.

Package and Products :

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics helps monitor and control business drivers to boost productivity and adaptability. Escalate has a proven record on this platform.

Microsoft Commerce Server
Escalate helps you build highly evolved e-commerce applications that integrate smoothly with your existing back-end using the Microsoft Commerce Server. Read >>

BizTalk Server
BizTalk Server allows exchange of business documents across platforms and operating systems. Escalate has the business understanding and consulting capability to ensure effective integration. Read >>

Application Development and Maintenance
Escalate understands the unique needs of your business, and does a lot more than help you manage and optimize applications. Our holistic approach maximizes maintainability, and our evolved methodologies assure development of solutions that deliver tangible business benefit. Read >>

Architecture Consulting
Escalate has focused technical capabilities, in-depth experience in the consulting domain, and a dedicated group for architecture consulting to help align your IT infrastructure with your business goals. Read >>

Escalate’s proprietary Agility Framework provides a set of reusable components that can serve as building blocks or core services for business application development. Read >>

IT Application Testing

The global demand for high quality, innovative products and services with quick go-to-market strategies and minimal investment has never been greater. According to a leading market research firm, software defects found in production cost four times as much to fix as those found during system testing and two hundred times as much to fix as those found during requirements definition. Escalate understands the value of independent testing on parameters of applicability, functionality, and scalability in this scenario - for enterprise IT solutions as well as products. With heterogeneous technologies now converging to create products with footprints on diverse devices, testing is even more significant and challenging. That is why we believe that specialized testing services can ensure more efficient utilization of limited resources and enhance business value, allowing you to focus on core business processes.

Escalate offers testing services that help you deliver business solutions and technologies with high quality. When you partner with us, you leverage our in-depth experience in test methodologies, automation frameworks, tools and defined processes. Our testing teams will work closely with you from the requirements analysis phase. Escalate’s domain and industry-focused testing services can ensure that your IT applications meet growing business needs with high performance and availability. With standard operating procedures and mechanisms you can detect issues early, leading to a better stakeholder and end-user experience, with lowered costs and complexity. Escalate’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances also ensures that you have access to the right teams when you need them.

Mobile Technology

Escalate's Mobile Solutions group helps clients to leverage business applications based on mobile technologies that enable high performance. We have extensive experience in implementing innovative solutions across a wide range of industries and business functions.

Accenture helps clients use mobile technologies effectively to improve productivity, lower costs, and enhance differentiation.

Client Successes
Accenture has helped businesses around the globe adapt to changing conditions and seize opportunities with realistic, innovative solutions that enable high performance.

Research and Insights
The proliferation of mobile computing and storage devices is allowing today's workers to enjoy newfound freedom—and enabling organizations to achieve high performance.

Open Source Solutions

Open source software (OSS) represents a significant shift in traditional enterprise IT. It can speed time to market and deliver substantially lower licensing and maintenance costs than other approaches. OSS also delivers comparable features and quality as well as greater deployment flexibility, enabling a more expansive use in enterprise applications. Accenture leverages its open source-based solution stacks and governance structures to support the achievement of high performance.

Find out how Accenture helps clients use open source solutions to improve productivity and lower costs to achieve high performance.

Client Successes
Discover how Accenture has helped leading organizations gain competitive advantage through open source solutions.

Research & Insights
Learn about how Accenture helps businesses and governments understand the implications of open source software to support high performance.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” Edward Teller(Hungarian-born American nuclear physicist, b.1908)


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